2014 Excellence in Teaching Awards Media

Posted on October 6th, 2014

Esposito1Every year we honor outstanding Adventist teachers throughout North America with an Excellence in Teaching Award. We were inspired and amazed by the testimonies told by co-workers, friends, parents of students, administrators and the teachers themselves about the great work being done at each school. We want to thank the teachers for continuing to raise the bar in Adventist education – you are a blessing and an inspiration to all of us!

Below is a complete list of our award winners and nationally published articles about each of them. Make sure to see the NewsPoints Article and Adventist Today Article.

Keep checking back for new articles—more are in the works.

Anne Blech | Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School | Southern California Conference | Pacific Union Conference

Elticia Buisson | Miami Union Academy | Southeastern Conference | Southern Union Conference

Carmen Esposito | John Nevins Andrews | Potomac Conference | Columbia Union Conference

Robert Fetters | Richmond Academy Potomac Conference | Columbia Union Conference

Derek Hansen | College View Academy | Kansas-Nebreska Conference | Mid-America Union Conference

Geoff Heald | Lake City Junior Academy | Upper Columbia Conference | North Pacific Union Conference

Norma Howard | Needles Adventist Christian School | Southeastern California Conference | Pacific Union Conference

Mechelle Peinado | Mt. Ellis  Montana Conference | North Pacific Union Conference

Shirley Ann Thomas-Laurencin | Whispering Pines SDA Elementary School | Greater New York Conference | Atlantic Union Conference

Make sure to also check out our photo album to see photos from all the events.

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3 Responses to “2014 Excellence in Teaching Awards Media”

  1. Wallace Minder says:

    It is so rewarding to see that the recipients are from multi-grades and teaching principals. For a long time these educators have been un-sung heros in the Adventist school systems. Keep up the recognition!

  2. Frances Chant says:

    Greetings! Are teachers selected for the Excellence in Teaching Awards selected from North America or just in the United States? Thanks!

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