AAF Announces New Shark Tank Program – Applications accepted through December 15, 2017

Posted on November 22nd, 2016

sharkIt is no surprise that many Seventh-day Adventist schools across the country have big dreams that will never become a reality because of a lack of funding. Many students and educators dream of growing their school with projects that make their school exceptional and unique. We share that goal!
Alumni Awards Foundation (AAF) is dedicated to Adventist education and we believe every Adventist school in North America has the opportunity and responsibility to be among the best in its community. AAF wants to bring the dreams of students and educators to life – this is why AAF is launching a new and exciting program – The Alumni Awards Foundation Shark Tank

What is the AAF Shark Tank?
Most of us have seen or at least heard of the popular TV show Shark Tank. On this show, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their business plan to a panel of wealthy investors, hoping that at least one of them will finance their idea or company.
The AAF Shark Tank gives a similar opportunity to Adventist academies in the North American Division. We are bringing together philanthropic investors who are interested in Adventist education together with Adventist academies that have a special need or innovative project they wish to have funded.
Schools with a major need, transformational idea or special dream project are invited to submit their plan to the AAF Shark Tank. The project should be something that will not only affect a single class or grade, but the school as a whole.  Otherwise, we encourage you to dream big!
AAF will select a panel of “Sharks” comprised of investors who share a passion for Adventist education and want to contribute. After watching a three-minute video pitch, prepared and submitted by the students, the Sharks will have an opportunity to listen, ask questions and become inspired by an academy’s project or special need.
The Sharks can then choose to “invest” or, as often happens in the Shark Tank TV show, to be a part of the funding along with other Sharks. The Sharks will also decide on the benchmarks, accountability as well as the results they will expect from the students and schools.
How does my school apply?
Any Seventh-day Adventist secondary school in the North American Division may apply. Here is what you need to do:

1.  Complete the Alumni Awards Foundation Shark Tank application 

2.  Submit the Supplemental Addendum that must accompany the Application with the following information :

Project or Need Description


Logistics and time frames

Results or desired outcomes

Expected impact on academy operations and student body

Funding requirements

Detail budget


Accountability proposal

3.  Submit a three-minute video  presentation. The video need not be professional produced. In fact, AAF prefers it to be a student project.

Be as creative as possible. Keep in mind that accountability will be an important consideration for the Sharks. Photographs and illustrations are helpful.  The more detail you provide the better.  We encourage you to present proposals that will have a significant impact on your school.  There is no limit as to what kind of project or proposal that can be submitted so we encourage you to dream big!
Please submit applications by emailing them to info@alumniawards.org.  But hurry…the new deadline is December 15, 2017!
Academies selected as finalists from the applications will make presentations to the AAF Shark Tank at the Alumni Awards Foundation’s 20 year Anniversary Gala, April 28, 2018 at the Westin Chattanooga Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  For more information, contact us at info@alumniwards.org or by calling (423) 308-1855.

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2 Responses to “AAF Announces New Shark Tank Program – Applications accepted through December 15, 2017”

  1. Elticia Buisson says:

    This is so exciting! My Economics student JUST completed their Shark Tank proposals for some really neat products for students and school!!! I will definitely submit an application. Does it have to be one application per project or per school?

  2. Imagine a place that will strengthen the Spirituality of the students at Greater Miami Adventist Academy (GMAA), a place conducive to reverence, where our students can worship God in a Church setting versus a gym. Instead of sitting on a bleacher, a mat, or the floor, they’d be sitting in chairs, a thousand of them. The sound system and lighting would be state of the art and their focus would be on the inspirational message being delivered. The stage would be large enough to house our weekly Chapels, Week of Prayer, NHS Inductions, Music and Drama home shows, Award and our multiple Graduation ceremonies.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

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