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Posted on November 27th, 2012

Our peer-reviewed article on enrollment, funding and governance in Adventist academies was published in the Journal of Adventist Education this month!

In September of 2010, AAF sent an online survey to every academy principal in the North American Division. An astounding 93 out of 108 principals replied, which caused us to take a closer look at the responses.

The purpose of the survey was to assess what principals thought about the current state of Adventist education. AAF hoped to gain a better understanding in order to develop the Renaissance Network into a useful, relevant solution for Adventist schools. The information received from the principals was so rich we knew it had to be shared.

AAF formulated questions for the study using a standard school assessment survey and then added questions unique to Adventist education. The survey addressed many challenges that principals face on a day-to-day basis: enrollment, funding, governance and other issues that concern the school system.

Riley Graves oversaw the completion of the peer-reviewed article with help of a research professor at Southern Adventist University, Dr. Linda Potter Crumley. Dr. Crumley brought over 20 years of research experience to the project and ensured that it was professional and accurate.

Click here for the full article.

Linda Potter Crumley, Ph.D., is a Professor in the School of Journalism and Communications at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee, and the lead researcher for the study reported in this article.

Melanie Litchfield, B.S., is the Director of the Alumni Awards Foundation in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mrs. Litchfield facilitated and distributed the survey and also helped in the beginning stages of analysis. As Director of AAF, she is currently laying groundwork for the Renaissance Network, AAF’s new initiative to help NAD academies become schools of excellence.

Riley Graves, B.A., is the Administrative Assistant at the Alumni Awards Foundation in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She oversaw the completion of the article with Dr. Crumley while analyzing results and drafting findings. Mrs. Graves is currently working on completing her Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Kayce Foote, B.S., worked as an office assistant in the School of Journalism and Communication at Southern Adventist University at the time this article was writ- ten. She entered survey results into SPSS, helped create the indices, and ran statistics. Ms. Foote is currently working as an event coordinator for Habitat for Humanity in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Special Thanks
The authors wish to express appreciation to the Commonweal Foundation for its support of this research, the North American Division Office of Education, and many union and conference leaders for their assistance, and to Zane Yi and student intern Grady Todd for their assistance with this project.

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