As Special Needs Coordinator, Keren’s Students Succeed

Posted on June 27th, 2011

West Palm Beach Junior Academy | Florida Conference
All subjects 3rd & 4th grades, plus computer, art & drama

Keren serves as the Special Needs Coordinator for the greater Miami area in partnership with the Florida Conference Office of Education, a position that offers no monetary compensation. She assists with conference-wide regional trainings, demonstrating effective ways to implement positive learning communities.

“The credibility of the Florida Conference is made possible by the actualization of everything we stand for being played out in Keren’s classroom on a daily basis,” said Sandra Doran, Associate Superintendent for the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Principal Glenn Timmons said Keren is known for her creativity in the classroom. For chemistry class, she wears a lab coat, wig and black glasses, and enters the room to the delight of her students. “Using a strong foreign accent, she presents the lesson in a way that cannot help but make a lasting impression,” he said. Keren also organized the first campus drama team and initiated “After Glow” ministry services.

Through Keren’s dedication and effort, low-achievers and behaviorally challenged children are beginning to meet with success for the first time.

“As a teacher I can be a doctor for the hurting student, a lawyer to plead on their behalf, a counselor to guide them as they make choices,” she said. “This career choice pays in great rewards. I can impact lives for eternity!”

Award presentation was Saturday, May 7, 2011, at the First Church of West Palm Beach.

AAF Board Member Byron DeFoor presented the award to Keren.

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