Barizo Transforms Quality of Education at Local School

Posted on June 6th, 2013
Highland View Academy | Chesapeake Conference
Chair of the Science Department

IFStudents usually look forward to field trips because it gets them out of the classroom. But the excitement Ophelia Barizo brings to her students at Highland View Academy (HVA), including learning outside the classroom, helps catapult them into thriving academically in her courses.

“One of my desires as a teacher is to inspire learning in my students, and to model the excitement which comes from learning and discovery,” says Barizo. “I need to set high standards and expectations and encourage students, by example and positive reinforcement, to reach these expectations, and to be the best they can be.”

Her goal as a science teacher is to draw her students to the wonders of science, nature, and to the Creator of the universe. It is her passion for students to look at God’s creation, study the beauty, see the destruction, restore it to its beauty and create ways to sustain the ecosystems that surround the Maryland counties.

“Her excellence in teaching is transforming the quality of education at HVA,” says Vice Principal Winona Hudson.

Barizo partners with community organizations resulting in her students engaging in these meaningful outdoor experiences in forest areas to photograph, collect, and identify different species of mushrooms, where new species have been discovered.


“One of the strengths that Mrs. Barizo brings to our program is her willingness and desire to create long standing partnerships,” says HVA Principal LeRoy Snider. “Her openness and diligence brings creative and innovative programs to her science students in a variety of ways.”

When Barizo is not in the classroom or out teaching her students in the field, she is writing grants and attending workshops. Through her efforts, HVA has been awarded approximately $750,000.00 in grants.

Ophelia Barizo’s award ceremony was on Friday, May 31, 2013, at Highland View Academy.

Alumni Awards Foundation representative, Keith White, presented the award to Ophelia Barizo.

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  1. Gilbert C says:

    I would say that is a very honorable goal to serve its student with those values and great experiences that can be afforded through outside the classroom experiences. I congratulate Ophelia for a successful teaching stint at HVA and encourage her to continue in her special efforts to mold the students to be ardent and excellent students in Gods service in the future.

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