Fetters Uses Educational Technology to Push Teaching into the Future

Posted on July 23rd, 2014

Richmond Academy | Potomac Conference
7-8 Science, High School Algebra, Earth Science, Chemistry

Fetters1Fetters is already a commendable teacher, yet he is constantly looking for ways to improve and perfect his teaching style and the teaching methods at his school. An advocate of innovation, Fetters was an early adopter of Richmond Academy’s (RA) Connected School, a video educational platform commonly called “Distance Learning” that delivers classroom instruction to remote locations in real time. Fetters acquired partner schools, conducted research, and trained teachers to help set up the Connected School not only because he believes it will allow students in remote locations to interact with faculty, but also because he knows it is the future of education.

“Things are always changing and progressing,” Fetters said. “If you become complacent with what you are doing, then you are no longer looking to improve, and you’ll get left behind.”

Fetters3Technology plays a significant role in Fetters’ classes. He uses an online educational platform called Moodle to set up links for students to access their homework, view handouts, listen to a recording of his lessons, and further enhance their learning. Fetters also uses an iPad hooked up to a TV monitor to demonstrate how various math problems are solved, all the while showcasing how students can use the device in practical ways.

“Robert would never call himself an IT-Geek,” said Malcolm Hutchinson, principal of RA. “But he has a unique ability to embrace the ever-changing world of educational technology and make it comprehensible to teachers and students alike, enabling them to use this technology with confidence and effectiveness.”

While he been effective in employing technology, Fetters has also made use of other instructional techniques such as his real-life science experiments, like dissecting cow eyes or pig hearts and his annual competition where students build a bridge out of wooden sticks to see which withstands the most water Fetters2before it breaks, and his dry humor, which has made it easy for students to feel comfortable around him. Despite his heavy workload, Fetters makes time to interact with the students outside of the classroom by joining a friendly game of football, skiing, or just mingling with students of all age groups.

“Although students feel free to enjoy kidding around with Mr. Fetters, he receives a high level of admiration and respect from them,” Hutchinson said. “They know that Mr. Fetters is the real deal.”

Most importantly, Fetters is a spiritual advisor and role model for his students. When he feels it is necessary, he will table his lesson plans to discuss a spiritual matter with his students because he believes salvation takes precedence over the math lesson. His students often go to him to discuss their personal problems because they trust him, and it is evident that he cares about their spiritual growth.

“I believe that God is using Adventist educators to make a life-changing difference in students’ lives,” Fetters said. “My ultimate goal as a Seventh-day Adventist teacher is to encourage growth in my students’ personal relationship with Christ while giving them the skills needed for a life of Christian service.”

Robert Fetters’s award ceremony was on Thursday, June 5, 2014, at Patterson Avenue Church.

Alumni Awards Foundation former Board Member, Keith White, presented the award to Robert Fetters.

This award was sponsored by Robert’s alma mater Southern Adventist UniversityAAF would like to thank Southern Adventist University for partnering in this year’s Excellence in Teaching Awards. 

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  1. Ana Garcia says:

    It’s great to hear how God provides and lead his people, his schools

    Great to hear about Mr Fetters’ achievements and that he is now part of OAA. Welcome!!

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