Leadership Team Gears Up for Pilot Program

Posted on March 22nd, 2011

The Renaissance Network is a program that partners with school administrators, local school boards and conferences to create the best possible educational experiences for students. The purpose of the Renaissance Network is to “rebirth” Adventist secondary education into a network of Adventist academies that delivers excellence in the spiritual, academic, social, and physical development of our students. Local school boards who wish to join the program would establish a partnership with the Network through a contractual agreement.

The leadership team for the Network is emerging, and thus far includes David Daniels and Dr. Greg Gerard.

David Daniels is principal of Takoma Academy (TA) in Takoma Park, Maryland. TA offers advanced placement classes. Special education and vocational/technical programs are also available at this school. TA was one of the first schools to partner with the Commonweal Foundation on its Seventh-day Adventist Capacity Building Initiative. The initiative supports K-12 partner schools through evaluation, resources, training, and best practices collaboration.

Dr. Greg Gerard has been principal of Georgia-Cumberland Academy since 2002. The academy, located in Calhoun, Georgia, has seen a 25% increase in enrollment under Dr. Gerard’s leadership, and is currently running at full capacity. He holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University and belongs to the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Dr. Gerard has served as a member of the AAF Board for five years.

The core leadership team will lead a turnaround in one pilot school for 2011-2012. The school will be selected by mid-April. The team has identified the following as objectives for beta schools:

  1. Generously support the personal spiritual development of each student.
  2. Improve the academic outcomes of each student.
  3. Provide an environment where students value relationships more than rules.
  4. Enhance the opportunities for each student to grow physically through work, exercise, health, and wellness.
  5. Establish sound business operations in each school through outside governance management and financial resources.
  6. Increase enrollment through additional student aid, improved school programs, and facilities that meet or exceed expectations.

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One Response to “Leadership Team Gears Up for Pilot Program”

  1. Concerned SDA says:

    The focus needs to be on quality education, the success of which is evidenced by objective data.

    Saying that an Adventist school should “Generously support the personal spiritual development of each student” is stating the obvious and akin to saying, “That car needs to have wheels in order to move” or “That house really should have a foundation.”

    When we raise the bar on quality, then financial challenges will be fewer, resources greater, and our schools will be filled to overflowing. Christ’s example was not one of mediocrity or apathy…..

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