Morada’s Hands-on Lessons Makes it All Worth it

Posted on May 29th, 2013
Thunderbird Adventist Academy | Arizona Conference
U.S. & World History, Government, Economics, and Vice Principal of Student Life


Oliver Morada_1It’s not unusual to find Oliver Morada standing on a chair, getting his students’ attention as he excitedly shares an important concept.

“Clear the classroom and place all desks and chairs to the sides,” he says with excitement.

Morada’s unique style of teaching is one of his most significant attributes as a teacher. He has the ability to take an ordinary subject and make it come alive to his students, making a lecture-based class into a hands-on history lesson at Thunderbird Adventist Academy (TAA).

“He intermingles direct instruction with student-centered activities,” says Principal Richard Maloon. “He encourages a high order of thinking and leads discussions with questions and contemporary, relevant content that stimulates reflection.”

Student projects fill the history room. These projects are not ordinary reports on a historical subject, rather these various projects involve dioramas, 3-D board presentations, food projects, and video presentations acted out by the students.

“Not only does he make learning fun, but he also provides a high quality of education for students,” says Victoria Leavens, a teacher at TAA, whose own children were taught by Morada.

Over the past 10 years, Morada has taken a major role in the spiritual health of the campus. He began giving Bible studies to the students, which began a spiritual growth on campus that was mostly student led. The after affect of this was impactful, as students began to give peer Bible studies, put on their own is evangelistic series, and continued their commitment to Christ by serving their community and churches as well.

He is found, most nights at the boys’ dorm working one-on-one with students so they understand the kingdom of heaven better.Oliver Morada_2

“I became a teacher for two main reasons. One is that teaching brings me joy by serving others, especially those that are less fortunate than me. Teaching is a way to give these students hope and inspire them to change the world for God’s glory,” he says. “The other reason why I became a teacher is because of the joy of seeing students succeed and draw closer to the heavenly kingdom. That is what makes being a teacher all worth it!”

Oliver Morada’s award ceremony was on Saturday, May 25, 2013, at Thunderbird Adventist Academy.

Alumni Awards Foundation board member, Kathyrn Proffitt, presented the award to Oliver Morada.

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