Niles Helps Students Find the Author of all Knowledge in Mathematics

Posted on May 30th, 2012

Pine Forge Academy | Allegheny Conference
Head of the Math Department

Norman Niles was in his second year of graduate school for his Ph.D in mathematics when he heard God’s calling to ministry. At the time it was too late to apply for seminary and he would have to wait an entire year. Niles was disappointed, but God’s plan for ministry was different and he ended up at Pine Forge Academy (PFA) as the math and Bible teacher.

In 2010, Niles coined the term Matheology. “It is seeing God, the author of all knowledge, in mathematics,” Niles explains. By the end of the year each student must give a worship talk connecting one concept learned during the semester to God.

Niles has the largest honors course enrollment at PFA and is working on his credentials to be able to offer dual enrollment classes in the future. He also created the first distance-learning course offered at PFA and utilizes Skype to connect with students off campus.

Niles is a member of the Technology Specialist Team and the Standardized Test Prep Team; he also writes questions for SAT College Board.

“His students, parents, peers and supervisors have great respect for his talent and the spiritual difference he makes in the ministry of teaching,” said James Willis, Allegheny East Conference superintendent.

As class sponsor Niles led the students to raise enough money to build a classroom in Kagan, Africa. He also serves as a Sabbath school teacher, church elder, and sound engineer at his church. Each week Niles leads out in a baptismal class for his students and assists with the Creative Arts Drama Ministry.

“I firmly believe that instilling confidence in our students is paramount,” Niles said. “They must know that they are capable of achieving excellence because they are created by an Awesome God.”

Award presentation was Sunday, May 27, 2012, at Pine Forge Academy.

Alumni Awards Foundation staff member, Riley Graves, presented the award to Norman Niles.

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