Renaissance Network Annual Report on Thunderbird

Posted on July 31st, 2012

Thunderbird Adventist Academy has successfully completed its first year as a Renaissance Network School under the management of the Alumni Awards Foundation in collaboration with the Arizona Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The following areas highlight the accomplishments of the students, teachers and leadership at the academy.


  • Extensive recruitment efforts increased the opening enrollment from 112 to 137 students—a 20 percent jump.
  • 33 seniors graduated with 32 students bound for college. Many of TAA’s 2012 graduates will be attending our NAD colleges—with at least one graduate in attendance at each of our NAD colleges.
  • Many of the seniors received scholarships to the various colleges. One young man has a full scholarship to Arizona State University.

Spiritual and Community Outreach:

  • There were two weeks of spiritual emphasis lead by the teachers and the students.
  • The campus chaplain and the ASB (Associated Student Body) spiritual activities committee provided weekly opportunities for students to experience a closer walk with God.
  • Each week students participated in community service activities at the local community center.
  • The entire school dedicated two days to community and campus clean up and service projects.
  • During spring break a group of students helped clean the Arizona Conference Youth Camp at Yavapines.


  • An additional science/math teacher was hired in order to strengthen the science and math courses available to all students. The new courses included honors physics and advanced placement math.
  • French was added to the foreign language course of study.
  • The music department was re-established. TAA had eliminated its music program prior to joining the Renaissance Network.
  • Two new musical organizations were established, hand bells and orchestra. In additional to choir and band.
  • In 2012-2013 courses will be added in liberal arts, science and music.
  • TAA students can complete 6 science  and 5 math courses before graduation now.

Professional Growth and Academic Enhancements:

  • RenWeb was installed. This data based system will be used for analysis of student achievement and provide web based information for parents concerning grades and progress.
  • TAA engaged the services of Continuous School Improvement from Chico State University to train all staff in the use of student achievement data to improve instruction.
    • There were two full-day in service training sessions with a facilitator.
    • The staff, independent of the facilitator, dedicated 4-5 sessions to visioning, analysis of student test scores and campus wide issues necessary to improve the academic climate.
  • All staff participated in 1.5 days of training using the concepts of “The Speed of Trust.”
  • AAF sent several teachers to classes and workshops provided by universities and professional associations in their respective fields.

Facility Improvements to Enhance Academics:

  • The library was relocated and upgraded with 15 computers and student work stations. This significantly increased the technology offerings in applied arts courses.
  • The student center was improved and became not only an informal gathering place, but also a student study hall during the school day.
  • The physics and life skills labs were improved. The physics lab received new computers and additional equipment and supplies to support the honors course.

Facility Improvements:

  • Phase 1 of exterior painting was completed. Phase 2 is scheduled for 2012-2013.
  • The cafeteria kitchen and dining area was repainted and deep cleaned. A local mall developer donated tables and chairs to create a food court atmosphere.
  • The most significant project was the total renovation of the guys’ and girls’ dormitories. This is a two year project in partnership with AAF, Maranatha and the Commonweal Foundation.

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