Steven Emphasizes College Preparedness, Career Exploration for Students

Posted on July 8th, 2011

Andrews Academy | Michigan Conference
Earth science & biology

Creator of both the science emphasis program and the senior portfolio project, Steven has become intimately involved with student progress. During his 19 years at Andrews Academy (AA), he has highlighted the importance of college preparedness and exploration of career path options.

The Andrews Academy Science Emphasis Program is designed for students interested in the sciences as a career. To gain this endorsement along with their required AA College Preparatory Diploma, students must maintain four years of science at a minimum 3.5 GPA.

The senior portfolio, a notebook showcase of each student’s accomplishments, is reviewed based on specific criteria and must be satisfactory before graduation. Each senior also presents their portfolio to high school students during a small group assembly.

“In many of the students’ portfolios, [they] express how their experience with Adventist education at Andrews Academy has led them to Christ, and has changed their whole life and the direction of their future,” Steven said. “This fulfills, for me, one of the greatest purposes of my life.”

Steven’s approach to teaching includes a spiritual application to each lesson, integrating faith with learning. He draws inspiration from nature parables, and enjoys dialoguing with his students about the Christian philosophy behind making choices. Steven said he is especially thankful they can pray and learn together.

Award presentation was Sunday, May 29, 2011, at the Pioneer Memorial Church.

AAF Chairman Bob Summerour and Board Member Carla Lidner Baum were featured during the presentation in a congratulatory video for Steven.

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