Students Say David Prepares Them for Successful Futures

Posted on July 12th, 2011

Paradise Adventist Academy | Northern California Conference
World history, Bible, physics, pre-calculus, & algebra

David is known for his innovative teaching techniques and for accommodating a variety of learning styles. When students have nominated a teacher two years in a row, and statements roll in that college physics and pre-calculus are a “review from high school,” it is a highly commendable testimony to a remarkable teacher. While he himself is continuing to pursue his education with a Masters in mathematics, David has pushed students to become their best as well. Both SAT and ACT math scores have increased since he has been at Paradise Adventist Academy.

“Looking back, the teachers that I now appreciate the most were the ones that were enthusiastic about what they taught and had high expectations for their students, like Mr. Goymer,” said former student Michael Zumwalt. “Mr. Goymer’s excitement for the classes he teaches inspires his students to go the extra mile scholastically while building a closer relationship with God.”

David enjoys interacting with young people on many levels – academically, spiritually, socially, musically, and athletically. He started and coaches an intramurals soccer team on campus, which has become a CIF league participant in Northern California and a full-fledged varsity sport that is now part of the school’s athletic program.

Award presentation was Sunday, June 5, 2011, at Paradise Adventist Academy.

AAF Board Member Arpad Soo presented the award to David.

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