Villaruel’s Mastery Inspires Students to Do Their Best

Posted on June 18th, 2013

Jackson Heights Seventh-day Adventist School  | Greater New York Conference
Fifth and Sixth Grade

Reymelinda Villaruel_1Reymelinda Villaruel began her teaching career at Jackson Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church School as a Kindergarten teacher, piloting a program that became an enrollment feeder for the school. In 2008, she began teaching grades five and six – engaging her students in activities to introduce higher learning skills.

“It is obvious that she is a seasoned teacher, who takes her position seriously and in turn, inspires her students to strive to do their best,” says Marrissa Osburne, teacher of grades seven and eight at Jackson Heights.

Villaruel is not only academically sound, in that she exhibits a true mastery of the subjects that she teaches, but she has also been a great role model to her students and colleagues.

“She truly models a passion for teaching which is delivered in a creative manner,” says Osbourne.

Villaruel took the initiative to begin a Mathletes program that trains students to compete in mathematical competitions. The students’ self-confidence in math is demonstratively increased along with their love for the subject of math, which can be a challenge to instill. However, she has managed to help students discover their own potential while simultaneously helping students to create a positive relationship with this subject area. The schools’ NYS Mathematic test scores have also increased each year, due to her diligent work.

Reymelinda Villaruel_3

“It is very fulfilling and rewarding to know that all of my students leave my classroom with the assurance of a great foundation in academic skills to help them be successful in their lives now and for eternity,” Villaruel says.

She also has a passion for gardening, which influenced her to apply for the Aero Grow; Growing Kids Award and received a grant. This funding allowed Villaruel and her students to grow indoor organic vegetables and experience God’s intent for pure uncontaminated vegetable products.

“She is a vital force in our school family,” Osbourne adds.

Reymelinda Villaruel’s award ceremony was on Sunday, June 9, 2013, at Jackson Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Superintendent of Schools of the Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, David Cadavero, presented the award to Reymelinda Villaruel.

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