What Would You Like to See More of in Adventist Schools?

Posted on October 5th, 2011

Yesterday our intern Riley Graves had the great idea of polling our Facebook fans to see what they are really looking for in Adventist schools and the response we received was overwhelming. We were hoping to reach 100 votes, but by the next morning Facebook fans had surpassed our goal with over 230 votes!

We began by asking, “What would you like to see more of in Adventist schools?” We decided to start with four answer choices that we thought may be the most popular: Advanced Placement and College Credit Courses, Extracurricular Activities, Student Support Services, and Better Technology in the Classroom. The neat thing about Facebook polls is that it allows fans to contribute different answers; and although our original answer choices were some of the most voted for, our fans came up with 17 more things that they would like to see Adventist schools improve on.

Many of the responses called for more spiritual emphasis: a deeper understanding of the fundamental beliefs, a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace, and an emphasis on character formation.

One of our respondents had this to say about choosing between Adventist education and non-Adventist education: “I think I want what parents want. In broad strokes, I mean: the best possible academics, social life, and a variety of opportunities. I would send my child to a non-Adventist school if I thought those areas were better somewhere else.”

Another said: “[Adventist schools need] more preparation for integrating our theology with today’s culture instead of learning the two as separate entities.”

Thanks for your feedback. Your ideas and desires for Adventist education push us to continue expanding the efforts of the Renaissance Network. To join the conversation, follow us on Facebook or leave us a comment below.

The Top Answers

1. Advanced Placement and College Credit (52 votes)
2. A Deeper Understanding of the Fundamental Beliefs (36 votes)
3. Emphasis on Character Formation (28 votes)
4. Extracurricular Activities (33 votes)
5. Student Support Services (22 votes)
6. Better Technology in the Classroom (17 votes)

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